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S01. Miso Soup     1.95

S02. Sui Mono     1.95

S03. Seafood Soup     6.95


SA1. House Salad    1.95

SA2. Avocado Salad    4.95

SA3. Seaweed Salad    5.95

SA4. Seafood Salad    6.95

SA5. Spicy Kani Salad    5.95


A1. Yakitori     3.75

Broiled chicken on skewers glazed in teriyaki sauce.

A2. Age Gyoza     4.95

Fried Japanese dumplings.

A4. Yaki Ebi     4.75

Broiled shrimp on skewer w. Teriyaki glaze.

A5. Green Mussels     5.95

Broiled mussels covered w. smelt roe sauce.

A6. Age Dashi Tofu     3.95

Delicately fried tofu w. Ginger & scallion ponzu.

A7. Vegetable Tempura     4.95

Assorted vegetables, battered & deep fried.

A8. Shrimp Tempura     6.95

Shrimp & vegs. Battered & deep fried.

A9. Edamame     3.95

Steamed Japanese soy bean.

A10. Beef Negimaki     7.95

Thinly sliced beef wrapped w. scallion.

A11. Fried Calamari     6.95

Battered & deep fried served w. Ponzu sauce.

A12. Soft Shell Crab     7.95

Battered & deep fried served w. Ponzu sauce.

A13. Fried Oysters     6.95

Battered & deep fried served w. Ponzu sauce.

A14. Ocean Orange Salad     6.95

Orange cucumber, avocado, crabmeat, octopus.

A16. Tako Su     6.95

Sliced octopus in a sweetened vinegar.

A17. Sushi Appetizer    7.95

Assorted prepared fish on flavored rice.

A18. Sashimi Appetizer     7.95

Assorted slices of raw fish.

A19. Tuna Tataki     6.95

Broiled tuna fish w. Ponzu sauce.

A20. Spring Roll     4.95

A21. Cheese Wonton     4.95

A22. Chicken Negimaki     6.95

A23. BBQ Squid     8.45

Broiled squid glazed w. Teriyaki sauce.